Terms & Conditions




Morrow Philippines and the Vendor shall collectively be referred to as “Parties” and individually as “Party”, as the case may be.


Morrow Philippines through this Agreement (as hereinafter defined), grants Morrow Philippines full authority to conclude and negotiate contracts with customers in the name and for the account of the Vendor for orders of the Vendor’s food and beverage items offered on Morrow Philippines online platform (website) and corporate sub-domain (website) (individually and jointly the “Website”) and mobile application (collectively, the “Platforms”). It is understood that Morrow.ph does not act on behalf of the customers who use the Platforms to order the Vendor’s food and beverage item (the “Customers”);


The contracts concluded with customers by Morrow. ph on behalf of the Vendor through the Platforms shall be based on the General Terms and Conditions as accepted by the Customers and posted on the Platforms.


The Vendor shall:

Ensure that it makes personnel available to receive the appropriate training from Morrow. Ph in order for the Vendor to operate the Device, the Vendor Portal, the backend and other necessary systems, if any (the “System”) with ease.


Provide Morrow. Ph with all of the menu information as agreed with Morrow Ph, including: Menu items; promotions; discounts; opening hours; time of delivery and areas of delivery (if applicable) (“Menu Information”) to be made available for listing on the Platforms. Should the Vendor wish to change any of the details in the Menu Information, it shall inform Morrow. Ph in writing of any such suggested change at least two (2) business days before the intended change take place, together with an updated copy of the complete Menu Information reflecting the change. Such change shall not occur more than once per month, barring exceptional circumstances provide Morrow. Ph with a clear acceptance or rejection of all Orders transmitted by Morrow. Ph, no later than two (2) minutes from the time the Order was made available to the Vendor;


Covenant against Revealing Trade Secrets

Morrow PH is a copyrighted and trademarked company. No active partner shall, during the continuance of the partnership by any means, take the ideas, processes, or vendors of Morrow Ph or its subsidiaries for their own personal or business use in starting a competitive or like business.


Duration of Agreement

The term of this agreement shall be for one year, commencing ON DATE OF SIGNED AGREEMENT, and terminating one year to the day later, unless sooner terminated by mutual consent of the parties in writing or by operation of the provisions of this agreement. This agree ment is non- transferable.


Additions, Alteration and Modifications

Where it shall appear to Vendor/s that this agreement, or any terms and conditions contained in this agreement, are in any way ineffective or deficient, or not expressed as originally intended, and any alteration or addition shall be deemed necessary, the partners will enter into, execute, and perform all further deeds and instruments as their counsel shall advise. Any addition, alteration, or modification shall be in writing, and no oral agreement shall be effective.

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