Morrow Food

Morrow App is an online food ordering platform. It highlights pre-order. By preordering meals or dishes, a customer gets a better price while the restaurant can better plan and produce food in an efficient way, without food waste. It is good for the customer and even better for the restaurant and the environment.

Join 200+ restaurants, today!

Morrow Merchants get in average 15% by using the Morrow platform! No hidden fees or charges will apply.


Reduce foodwaste

Too much food is wasted everyday worldwide. In the Phillippines alone almost 2 tons of food is wasted everyday.

This is enough to feed around 4 million individuals everyday.

We are on a mission to change that – are you with us?

Stop wasting, Start saving

Morrow users can save 20-80% on their order by using Morrow instead of Grab or Foodpanda. Choose wisely and stop wasting food today.

“I am a food business owner, and I’ve heard a lot of things about Morrow in other countries on how this application has helped restaurant owners by using the Morrow App. I am looking forward to
having this in the Philippines.”
“I’ve never had an issue with the use of the application. It has helped me save time and money
by ordering from the Morrow App.
Helpful support and customer service.”
“I have used the Morrow App a couple of times for late night cravings. The most easiest and
convenient food app I have used.
At any point i would recommend Morrow for the people i know”